The Three Questions Every Community Newspaper Editor Asks

July 15, 2012

When an editor of a community newspaper receives your news release, he or she is going to ask three questions to determine if they’ll either publish it or discard it. The first question they’ll ask is: Is the topic of this news release really news? An editor defines “News” as something that is: • Actually […]

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Consider all factors before holding a news conference

July 5, 2012

There are a few good reasons to hold a news conference, and many reasons not to. Let me explain. It’s my belief that you should only hold a news conference when you have something of major important and/or news significance to announce. The media might come to your first news conference but if you wind […]

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Avoid the boiler plate lead

June 2, 2012

When writing a news release, too many people in the public relations profession confuse the boiler plate with the lead. Let me explain. A boiler plate is one paragraph that has background information about the entity putting out the release. The boiler plate is put at the end of the news release. Typical information in […]

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Editors love round numbers

April 8, 2012

For some strange reason, people generally gravitate towards round numbers, and that includes news editors. Look what happened last year with the 9-11 Memorial in New York City. There was a ton of focus on it and on the entire tragedy in 2011. Why? Because it was the 10th anniversary. I’m guessing we won’t see […]

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My holiday gift to you: a media placement tip

December 23, 2011

‘Tis the season for easy news media placements! This is due to a few factors: 1) Newspapers typically run “fatter” this time of year because their ad sales are up (due to the holiday retail sales season). So editors face a situation where they need to fill more pages with news content. 2) Many news […]

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Your target audience consists of one person

December 10, 2011

When you’re writing a news release, your target audience consists of only one person. Can you guess who it is? It’s the news editor who is going to receive your release. The news editor has the ultimate decision on whether or not your release is going to get published or aired. So your news release […]

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New crisis management guidebook includes chapter by Tom Unger, APR, ABC

November 12, 2011

PR News Press has just published a new “Crisis Management Guidebook Vol. 5”. The 233-page book includes a chapter by Tom Unger, APR, ABC, on the importance of communicating with employees during a crisis. Tom drew upon his more than 32 years of communications experience in writing the chapter. It focuses on maintaining internal communications […]

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Use target audiences’ established information sources

August 7, 2011

Many target audiences possess unique expectations and characteristics and sources of information. As a communications professional, you must be aware of them in order to reach the desired audience. For instance, in many large metro areas numerous ethnic groups have their own newspapers, radio stations and television channels. This is good for a communications professional […]

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New media training guidebook includes chapter by Tom Unger, APR, ABC

July 25, 2011

PR News Press has just published “Media Training Guidebook – Vol. 4” that includes a chapter by Tom Unger, APR, ABC. Unger drew upon his 10 years as a news reporter and his more than 20 years of public relations experience to write a section for the book about relationship building with reporters entitled “7 […]

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Stop, Think and Consider Before Writing, Sending A News Release

April 5, 2011

Communications professionals can learn a valuable lesson from reading about the boy who cried “Wolf!” too many times. I’ve heard editors complain about organizations that send out so many news releases that they reach a point where the editor doesn’t pay attention to them. So before you write any news release, ask yourself if the […]

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