Don’t put all your effort into just one story pitch

Public relations professionals can learn a lesson in pitching stories from Major League Baseball pitchers.

There isn’t a professional baseball pitcher in the world who would succeed if he only threw curves, or fastballs, or sliders, or changeups. Batters would quickly realize it and be able to hit him.

After working decades in media relations and pitching hundreds of stories to reporters, I’ve learned a key to pitching success is not putting all your effort into pitching just one story.

What does that mean? Let me explain.

You’re busy. Reporters are super busy. If you’re able to get a reporter who’s willing and able to spend 10 minutes on the phone with you, make the most of this valuable opportunity.

When you call a reporter, make sure you have a number of stories to pitch, not just one. If the reporter doesn’t go for your first pitch, then pitch your other story ideas.

If the reporter doesn’t bite on any of your pitches, at least they’ll know you have a variety of sources available for future stories.

And here’s a bonus tip: don’t make the call all about you. When you’re done with your story pitches, ask the reporter which stories they’re currently working on. See if there’s any way your organization’s experts can add to the reporter’s story. That way you come across as a helpful resource instead of just a pitcher.

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